History of Voice over IP Phones and Technology #2.

History and development of VoIP Phones

VoIP History and Broadband Phone Development. Page 2

September 1996 was the development of Internet Voice Mail application. It has added voice mail capabilities to existing email program. Sending voice messages over the internet was then allowed. Users without Internet Voice Mail 3 can now receive their messages.

In October 1996, VocalTec announced the use of ITU H.323, it has given way for the standards of future versions of Internet Phone. This is the standard that we use until now. On the same date, VocalTec also announces the Internet Phone software with the Microsoft NetMeeting and other Intelís Internet Phone Software.

The term VoIP was used by VocalTec on November 1996; they become the founders of the VoIP forum. Its main purpose is to help the coalition of Internet, telephony, hardware, software and networking companies, to establish a set of standards for the compatibility of the Internet telephony products. Cisco System and Dialogic Corporation are parts of the 40 initial members in the VoIP forum. Each one of these companies, joined based on the united interest in accelerating the growth of the Internet Telephony application, and bridging to PSTN. This forum wanted to work towards on an implementation agreement that incorporated and extended the H.323 standards. All of the memberís intention is to define an implementation agreement in an open forum setting for voice traffic over an IP network. The primary effort of the forum was to support two-party voice and audio communications over IP networks in a manner similar to and compatible with existing telephone calls, using either a computer or a telephone.

On 1998, a former VocalTec employee saw the potential of VoIP traffic making in the United States and made his own company, the WhichVoIP.com. They created software that enables PC to phone and phone to phone connections.

Ever since 2000, the VoIP industry usage has expanded. Companies switch to VoIP to save on both long distance and infrastructure costs. The service has also been extended to residential users. After a short period of time, VoIP has changed its role as a less important development to what it is today.

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