History of Voice over IP Phones and VoIP Technology.

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Broadband Phone and VoIP History and Development

The term VoIP is associated with telephone; hence we can trace the beginning of VoIP back to 1876. It is the time when the telephone was first invented. At early times, voice can only be transmitted in one way. The entire phone network is designed around this rate for producing traffic. This has represented the early stages of VoIP history.

PSTN was designed for circuit switching of voice calls. This has made it too complicated to add new services to the network. One of the disadvantages of circuit switching is that once a connection has established, the full predefined bandwidth will be consume, or in some cases the calls contains many silent periods.

The introduction of VoIP started in 1995. At the time when hobbyist began to recognize the potential of sending voice data packets all over the internet rather than using the standard telephone as a way of communicating. The first introduction of this solution started in February 1995. VocalTec, an Israeli company, has developed the "Internet Phone". This software would only run on an Intel 486 at 33MHZ or higher personal computer equipped with sound card, speakers, microphone and modem. The said software compresses the voice signal, and then translates the signal into an IP packet that can be transmitted over the internet. It could only work if both parties were using internet phone software. The IP suffered from delays, disconnection, and low quality during its early stages, because of these, it didnít become popular due to its many problems.

On March 1996, the company has developed the Internet Telephony Gateway. It enables real time conversations for telephone users through the internet to communicate with another telephone. For the first time, users were enabling to call ordinary telephone lines. This has incorporated the uses of PSTN with VoIP.

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